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Terms and Conditions – Online Purchases, shipping, returns and reclamation

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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.

The parties

Seller is Tonje Kvam – Inderøyhonning, Kvamsholmen 85, 7670 Inderøy. Mva.nr: 912349594 MVA. Mail: post@inderoyhonning.no. Phone number: +4741448233, and will further be named “seller/the seller” in the following document.

The buyer is the person/organisation/business that makes the order and purchase and will throughout this document be named “buyer/the buyer”.

Product information

All products on Inderoyhonning.no is given in the Norwegian currency NOK, with VAT and shipping costs specified in the online shopping cart at the last check out point before paying.

Order and Payment

Vi reserve the right to price changes, typing errors and sold out products. It sometime happens that we may be sold out of a product even if you could order it online. If that is the case we will notify you immediately and return costs, or give you the option to change product.

The seller will demand payment from the buyer no later than the time the product is sent from seller to buyer.

If the buyer uses Credit card or debit card for payment, the seller can reserve the purchase amount on the buyer´s respective card on the time of order. The payment may be processed at a faster pace throughout the bank service, but we always aim to take payment at the same time as shipping is done.

We use VIPPS, which is a Norwegian company requiring a Norwegian ID or D-number to use. For international customers we offer payment by invoice. We will look to implement other payment options at a later time, for more convenience.

This link leads to how VIPPS uses and stores data:  https://www.vipps.no/vilkar/cookie-og-personvern/

Delivery and shipping costs

Our products are mainly sent through Posten Norge AS. At some occasions we use Helthjem AS. Unless the order qualifies for free shipping (amount above 2500 NOK and only within Norway, see below), the customer will be charged for the cost of shipping their items. All shipping charges are subject to change in the event of ordered items not meeting the selected shippers’ conditions. In the instance that shipping rate needs to be amended, Inderøyhonning will contact the customer within 2 working days to resolve outstanding shipping issues.


Please note, that if you are an international customer, use the contact form to order products, so that we can provide with a quote before sending the invoice as there might be necessary to add international shipping and toll fees to the order.

In such a circumstance, we will send you a shipping invoice once the order is sent, and to be paid no later than 14 days after you have received the invoice to your email.

*Terms and conditions apply

 once we have received your order, we shall email you with a shipping cost for your order. This includes ALL international deliveries. There may be additional charges for some heavy and bulky items.

Free Shipping

Orders over NOK 2500 qualify for free shipping within Norway, excluding Svalbard.


In the check out process, you can choose the option to pick up in the store. This is free of charge and you process the order online and the order will be ready for you to pick up, without any shipping costs. During business hours we are open, though if the buyer wants to come after closing time, this must be added in the comment section, and the seller will further contact the buyer for agreeing upon a pick-up time.

Terms of delivery within Norway

Orders are normally fulfilled within 5-10 days. We are not responsible for delays or other issues that can impact delivery time from after we have sent the package in the mail. If you by any reason have not gotten your packaged within 10 days after shipping, please contact us.

The package will be delivered to your nearest post office. Smaller packages below 5 kg and not smaller than 9 x 14 centimeter and not bigger than 90 cm (length+width+thickness) can be delivered directly to your mailbox if applicable (these are dependent on Posten Norge As terms and can be changed. We take no responsibility for such changes, but strive to offer best possible service).

Returns due to not picking up package at post office.

If the buyer does not pick up the package in time at the post office, the package will be returned to us. We do not return costs for packages that are shipped and not picked up. If the customer wishes to have the package re-sent, we will charge the new shipping cost related to resending the package. We do not cover any economic loss due to this event.

Right to Withdrawal of Purchase

In Norway and Europe, the right to withdrawal of a purchase concerns, in this case, consumer products bought from consumer-directed businesses online (for more info, please see https://www.forbrukereuropa.no/en/online-shopping/right-of-withdrawal/.

As customer you have the right to return a product if this has been notified in written form to the seller within 14 days after time of purchase. There is no need to give a reason.

Eligibility for return based on the right of withdrawal

The product must be returned in the same condition as it was when you received it, unused and in unopened and original packing. You are responsible for returning the product in a safe and unharmed manner. Make sure the product is carefully packaged, especially glass-based products.

If the buyer wishes to use the right to withdraw a purchase, the buyer has 14 days to notify the seller. The deadline starts to run from when the buyer has received the product, or by multiple deliveries, from the time of receiving the last delivery. If the deadline is on a holiday, the deadline is prolonged until the first working day after the holiday.

The right to regret is considered fulfilled if the seller has received a written notice within the deadline noted above. Please send request on the contact form on the website or to the following email:  post@inderoyhonning.no, or by written letter to: Tonje Kvam – Inderøyhonning, Kvamsholmen 85, 7670 Inderøy. Be aware that written letters will take significantly longer time to arrive in which you may risk exceeding the deadline of 14 days.

Also, with the use of the right to withdrawal, the product must be returned as soon as possible and no later than within the 14 days of the deadline. The buyer covers the shipping costs unless something else is agreed upon. The seller will return the full amount as soon as product is returned and checked to meet the requirements (ref, eligibility).

Reclamation of faulty product

If there are errors or lacks with the products, contact us immediately or as soon as possible. As we strive for high-quality products, we also want to give high-quality service and keep you 100% satisfied. If the reclamation is substantiated by evidence, we will either correct the existing product, send you a new one without added cost. If a significant lack, you can ask for a refund or gift card for the same amount to be used in our webshop.

We have to be notified within reasonable time and no later than 2 months after receiving the product. You have to stop using the product immediately. Further use of the product after sending a reclamation request will cancel the right to reclamation. If the reclamation concerns a injury due to transport/shipping, this shall be notified to us upon receiving the product, and also in written form with pictures. This is also in case we have to contact the shipping company due to error on their side.

Correction and redelivery due to reclamation

The buyer can choose to correct the faulty product or have a similar product re-sent. The seller can object the buyer´s demand if the execution of the demand becomes practically impossible or will give the seller unreasonably high extra costs. Correction and redelivery shall be executed within reasonable time. The seller has no more than two attempts to correct a faulty product before the buyer have the right to demand a full refund.

Price discount

The buyer can demand a reasonable price discount if the product is not corrected or redelivered.

Cancel purchase

If the product is not corrected or redelivered after a maximum of two attempts from the seller, the buyer can demand the purchase cancelled if the lack is considered significant.

Conflict resolution 

The Terms and conditions are made in accordance with Norwegian law. Conflicts that arise in relation to the terms and conditions hereby laid out, or by use of the website are under the Norwegian law and answer to Norwegian courts´non-exclusive jurisdiction.

If for any reason a conflict cannot be resolved, the parties should try to solve all conflicts as best as possible. By Norwegian law, the buyer can contact “Forbrukerrådet” to get assistance in an eventual conflict. If there is no resolve, the parties can in a written request ask the “Forbrukerrådet” to have the conflict put forward to “Forbrukertvistutvalget”. Decisions made by Forbrukertvistutvalget are judicial four weeks after decision is settled. In the four-week period, though not after, any of the parties can by subpoena to Forbrukertvistutvlalget bring the decision from Forbrukertvistutvalget to the court.

Contact us

For any matter or questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Tonje at Inderøyhonning,



Tonje Kvam – Inderøyhonning

Tlf: 41448233

Kvamsholmen 85, 7670 Inderøy

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