Beeswax candles

Beeswax candles

Our natural beeswax candles are pure delight with a natural scent!

We use natural and certified beeswax and organic coconut oil of high quality in our candle making. There is no compromise on quality. I love the smell of natural beeswax and sweet coconut, and the fact that the negative ions released when burning beeswax candles is actually good for the indoor environment.

We also use organic cotton wicks from Wedo, which gives of a clean burn. Most of our wicks are self-trimming, but I do recommend having a look at our “Candle maintenance guide” for having the best candle experience. Also take a look at our section of “accessories” for equipment and interiors that fit well!

Why don’t we use our own beeswax?

We dot not actually use Norwegian beeswax in our candles for a very important reason. There is a shortage of Norwegian beeswax and because in our traditional beekeeping (luckily) we do not treat our bees with any antibiotics or chemicals in treatment of our bees, we cannot simply import and use foreign beeswax without comprehensive laboratory testing. In Norway, in contrary to most other countries, we use only organic acids as hygienic measures (predominantly oxalic acids) to ward off the parasite Varroa. The benefits of living in the North is not only the beautiful nature, our freezing winters are beneficial for keeping our beehives healthy!

Have candle left overs?

Check out this little guide “here” on how to clean your candle jar and how to reuse the wax for candle. Do not use this wax for bees and do not throw in the food waste even if organic wax.

And press here for our “maintenance guide” that will give you the best candle experience!

Why Beeswax candles?

The significant advantages of using beeswax candles are many! With pure beeswax candles you can improve the indoor environment as the negative ions in beeswax acts as an mini-air purifier. In addition, beeswax have a significantly higher melting point, which makes a beeswax candles of equal size to another wax-based candle last longer, giving you more value for the money. It also gives a beautiful flame and of course the soft scent of beeswax. In our series of coconut and beeswax you also get the beautiful scent of the coconut, it always put a smile on my face.

As people also prefer vegan or vegetable wax candle (which I also fully support!), sourcing beeswax from the bees is also sustainable as long as one does not over-exploit the resource. Unfortunately not all soy wax, for example, is sourced sustainably either, and it is more important to ask the seller where and how the wax is sourced. Healthy, sustainable beekeeping practices is more important, as the balance for allowing the bees to live healthy and happy in their hive societies is just as necessary for the bees as is for us.

Underlying theme: Always treat others (even Mother Nature) as you would like to bee treated (pun intended :-))

Candle care tips:

  • The first time you light the candle, make sure the wick is roughly 0,5 cm high, and let the candle burn long enough to melt evenly the top of the candle surface. This vary from candle to candle and is written underneath on the info label on the bottom of the jar. Normally anything from 1 hour to 3 hour.
  • Always put your candle on a flat, even surface without risk of tipping.
  • Always put your candle, even if in a candle jar, on a surface or place that can handle heat. The glass will become warm to touch at the level of the wax melting pool and flame height. So treat with care.
  • How a candle burns depends on many factors also external to the candle itself: Draft areas such as windows, near open doors, heating pump or air vents, can impact the direction and flickering of the flame as well.
  • Keep a distance to materials that can easily catch fire, such as curtains, napkins, decorations of burnable material.
  • Always keep burning candles under supervision. Do not leave a burning candle unattended! Never leave a burning candle on while sleeping.
  • If the wick is curving too much to one side, you can trim the top so the wick is as straight as possible. Most of our wicks are self-trimming, but always check before lighting the candle to ensure a best possible experience.
  • Even if a clean burning candle, sot can happen due to several reasons. As mentioned above, make sure the wick is trimmed or fairly straight between each burn, allow the candle to burn between 1-3 hours each time and avoid putting the candle in positions where draft air can impact the flame.
  • If, for any reason, the candle burns in an undesirable way, such as the flame touching the glass of the jar, blow out the candle immediately. Contact us if any uncertainty about this as we want you to have a great candle experience.
  • Enjoy the fact that you are burning high-quality, natural and healthy candles!

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