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Welcome to Inderøyhonning!

Inderøyhonning is located in beautiful Inderøy in the middle of Norway. This region boasts of great quality local food producers and local tourism, and we are proud to be in the middle of this incredible area!

Inderøyhonning is a second generation beekeeper farm with strong traditions of quality honey. In 2023 we are expanding into new areas and now provide with quality candles made of beeswax. Also soon, a series of beeswax candles with sustainable essential oils candles will be added to the shop.

On our webpage you can shop honey and candles. We specialize in nature-based and bees-related products. The main focus is pure, natural and good for you and the environment.

You can also read about honey, beeswax candles and get some interesting tips!

You are more than welcome to get into touch with us, if you are traveling by, please don’t hesitate to visit our farm shop.

Our honey is harvested in selected places in Inderøy as well as the island Hitra on the West coast of Trøndelag.

(Me) Tonje Kvam supported my my brother Endre working on market
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